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Four Level Inlaid Boxes - $500 to $700                                                                Two Level Inlaid Boxes - $100 to $300
Large open Boxes - $150 to $300                                                                Three Level Trim top Boxes - $300 to $400
Five Level Trim Top Boxes - $600 to $700                                                                Five Level Inlaid Top Boxes - $650 to $800
Closeup View of Inlaid top - Southwest Design                                                                Closeup view of Inlaid top - Sweep Design

Boxes come in all sizes and types of wood: open boxes, jewelry boxes, humidors, and boxes custom made in any size and configuration that you would like. In general, the price range is $70-$800, although boxes custom made larger than the ones shows could be more. In addition, several hundred different parquet patterns are available.